parts of the snare drum

About The Superdrum

The 12-lug Superdrum produces excellent clarity at very soft through very loud playing levels. 12-lugs is what makes the Superdrum better and more versatile than drums with fewer lugs.


Parts Of The Snare Drum

The snare drum is the most important drum in your set. It is made up of six different parts.

The snare drum has 2 heads, the top head is called the batter head and the bottom head is called the snare head. The bottom head has wire or cable strands stretched across it which give it the crisp and distinctive pop.

Superdrum-8-chrome 1. The shell- the round resonating body that is the drum. The heads sit on the shell which produce and amplify the sound.

superdrum_head 2. Heads-the playing surface of the drum usually made of a thin sheet of plastic that is struck with a stick or mallet.

Superdrum photos Feb 2012 034 3. Rims or hoops (counterhoops) O-shaped metal or wood material that sits on top of the head and is designed to apply tension to the head.

Superdrum 14 by 8 maple lug close-up Feb 2012 4. Lugs (tension casings)-part of the drum attached to the shell that allows for adjusting tension on the heads using the rims and tension rods (threaded screws). More lugs = more control.

Superdrum photos with Sony Feb 22 2012 007
5. Throw-off (snare strainer) and butt-the parts of the snare drum that control tension to the wire or cable strands against the snare (bottom) head. The snares connect to the shell at opposite points, the throw-off and the snare butt.

superdrum_snares 6. Snares-wire or cable strands that sit against the bottom (snare) head. Usually 20 or more strands.